pdr training youtube PDR Training is a key part of learning dent repair for trainees. A proper Paintless dent removal training course is essential for the proper school process to occur. A trainee trying to learn the dent repair technique will often acknowledge the difficulty when they attempt to learn the fine art of dent removal and will soon discover a training school that specializes in hands on, one on one training is the recipe for learning paintless dent repair best.

Some people are under the assumption PDR is a very simple process and think they can learn it without formal training. Nothing can be farther from the truth. PDR is not something you can learn from a youtube video, or watching a movie. Paintless dent removal takes over the shoulder, hands on instruction from a professional who is very knowledgeable and patient enough to share the secrets of paintless dent repair.

After you have decided to embark on a PDR Training course, choosing a training school is essential. How many years have they been in business? What do they do for training? Do you learn on actual cars or just panels? Will you learn how to glue pull hail dents or oversized damage? Will they teach you how to remove creases? Many schools will not. Will they teach you how to remove bodyline dents? Once again- many schools will not. You have to decide if you want just basic dent repair training or do you want to have comprehensive 100% professional training where you can remove advanced damage for any clientele. Paintless dent repair is comprised of many types of repairs and as such if someone wants to master the technique, they must enroll with a training course and school for dent repair that covers all these topics in detail, and repeatedly so they can assimilate the skills and knowledge necessary to perform.

Paintless dent repair is essentially sculpting metal, and to sculpt one needs alot of practice and proper coaching. If you don't understand the characteristics of metal more than likely you will not be able to manipulate it properly and hide your dent repair work. PDR is basically hiding stretched metal, and if you don't understand or get instructed how to read and hide texture properly your work will not be of a high quality that is essential for luxury car repair.wikipedia

Some people opt for a one week PDR Training course, while others take a two week paintless dent repair training course. What is the difference you might ask? Most schools offer extended learning with more topics covered, while other schools only offer one week courses, leaving students to scramble to try and pick up the pieces and other topics not covered during a one week course. Imagine you are the instructor for PDR and trying to teach someone this very difficult art- the bottom line is, unless you have direct and related experience, then a one week PDR Training course will not show you creases, bodyline repairs and gluepulling.